My oldest is clumsy…like his momma.

Not sure what it is about our accident-prone ways, but there’s no denying it. I’ve fallen UP the stairs, and down, busted my head open with my locker in high school, tried to get out of my car with my seatbelt still fastened, put a screwdriver in my eye, (no permanent damage,) and it’s not a normal day if I don’t trip at least once over my own big feet.

Paints a graceful picture, huh?

So it comes as no surprise that my 2nd grader ended up with ice on his head during a recent field trip to the bowling alley. His dad chaperoned that trip, and later told me that Griff got smacked in the back of the noggin by the bathroom door.

Ouch. He’s good about toughing things out, yet accident’s keep finding him.

Two weeks later, it was time to visit the zoo with his class. I packed his lunch, complete with a note telling him to say hi to the monkeys, and off he went. Just before school was to end, I ran to a nearby Starbucks for a caffeine boost, and spotted three moms I knew sitting outside. They waved me over and told me that they had just returned from the zoo trip.

‘How was it,‘ I asked, inquiring if Griff had a good time. One of the moms paused and said, ‘Now that I think about it, the last time I saw him he had an icepack on his leg.

Of course he did.

Turns out Griff hurt his leg on the bus. Something about getting it pinched in the flip-top seats. Who would have thought?

All I know is the kid could use a punch-card for every icepack he’s been given.