I emceed the Kids Rookie Run yesterday, an event in downtown Indy that leads up to race week for the Indy 500.

There’s something about seeing kids as young as three-years-old run like they mean business. It’s as if they were chasing a Toys R Us truck, and the first person to catch it gets to keep the loot. Despite a few mishaps where some kids stumbled, fell and were treated for skinned knees, all kids were winners. The children were awarded medals at the finish line instead of a swig of the traditional milk, after running the course with moms or dads holding their hands.

Starting them off with a ‘Ready, Set, Go’ at the start, I overheard some interesting things among the children.

Here is a rundown:

3-year-old: I’m a gonna run SUPER fast. I wore my SUPERFAST shoes.

4-year-old: I think I’ll win this. I’ve been practicing at home. You know, in my driveway and stuff.

4-year-old to another: Quit pushing! You’re not being nice.

That kid back to the 4-year-old: YOU quit. I was here first.

5-year-old: I’m running with my Dad. But, I’ll beat him.

5-year-old pointing to my microphone: Can I say hi to my mommy?

5-year-old listening to the Jonas Brothers on speaker: Is this Hannah Montana, lady?

6-year-old: I’m going to take it easy. My Dad told me to save up my energy for the end.

7-year-old brother to his 4-year-old sis: Don’t let go of my hand. I’m in charge of you.

7-year-old: This is nothin.’ (Referring to the 1/4 mile race.) I’ve done a whole mile before.

8-year-old: I’m not stretchin’. Don’t need to.

8-year-old: I’m gonna smoke this.

9-year-old wearing a sweatband on his forehead: I came prepared.

9-year-old: You see this? (Pointing to his face.) It’s called confidence.

Gotta love seeing the world through a child’s lense.