As if Carrie Underwood needs one MORE award to add to her collection, she’s got my pick for the nicest artist in country music, hands-down.

That doesn’t mean she’s never had a bad day, been tempted to put her hand in a papappazzi’s face, or wished she was wearing a ski mask when spotted in the ladies room at a restaurant. Because that wouldn’t be obvious.

But, she’s always been nice to us. So, she gets our vote. Except no one’s polling.

While we’re on the topic of Carrie, below is a list of the top 7…no real reason behind that number, other than I don’t have enough to make a top 8 list…favorite things Carrie shared when she called the show last week. And here they are in no specific order. (I’ve always wanted to say that.)

Carrie can’t remember the last time she’s been to a movie.

Even worse, we asked her to name a public place that she can go and not be recognized. She couldn’t. Can you imagine?

She has to give all of those fancy red-carpet dresses back. But, she rarely sweats. So no worries.

Despite what you heard, she didn’t apologize for her Entertainer of the Year acceptance speech. She says it was taken out of context when she said, “Sorry mom, I embarrassed myself” backstage, and to read it in print sounded different that her intent.

Carrie doesn’t twitter for one simple reason…she doesn’t know how. And an imposter is doing it for her.

She loves her coffee black and joked that she could be tempted “to eat the grounds.”

She gets up early. Unlike most artists, Carrie says to sleep in means she’d waste part of her day.

And that’s all, folks.