Speaking of Keith…

As my youngest and I pulled in to the grocery store, Keith Urban’s “Kiss the Girl” was playing on the radio. I was singing along, though my son may have preferred otherwise. ‘I wannnnnnna kissssss the girrrrrl, blah blah blah.’ And here’s the conversation that followed:

Hayden: Did that guy on the radio just sing that he wants to kiss a GIRL?

Me: Yes, he did.

Hayden: Ewwwwwwwwwww.

Me: You mean, you don’t wanna kiss a girl?

Hayden: No way! That’s gross. Boys don’t like girls, Mom.

Me: Yes they do. Your daddy likes me. I’m a girl.

Hayden: Yeah, well you’re different. Boys don’t like OTHER girls.

Not really sure what that means. The good thing is, he’s not kissing anytime soon.