I know what you’re thinking.

You read the title of this post and probably thought ‘How is that humanly possible?’ Who HASN’T eaten Taco Bell at least once in their lifetime? I’m not talking about me. I have certainly feasted on a burrito or a plate of nachos and cinnamon twists from time to time. Definitely during college when I realized Taco Bell’s menu prices seemed to appreciate my budget. Or lack of.

However, history was made this month when my boys both experienced their first meal from the famous mexican fast-food joint. As I write that, I suddenly feel like the poor things have been sheltered for the first 7 and 4 years of their lives.

They’ve eaten Mexican food, as it’s served in school and I make tacos at home. Yet, after several unsuccessful meals where they would eat all on their plates BUT their tacos, I gave up. I got tired of our dinners turning in to negotiations, ‘Two more bites of your taco and you can be done,’ or ‘Just because your shell broke doesn’t mean you still can’t scoop up the meat.’ If they don’t like it, they don’t like it. There are worse things in life.

Hence, we never made a Run for the Border.

And it didn’t dawn on me that they’d never eaten there until someone mentioned the place, and my oldest said, ‘Taco Bell? Never been there.’


So, earlier this month, we picked up a bag of stuff from the nearest place, and the boys loved em. Not right away, of course. One wanted the lettuce scraped off, the other made a face at the shredded cheese, but 20 minutes later, they both finished off all of the beef and shell and declared, ‘I love Taco Bell!’ I was so thrilled you would have thought they’d just been accepted to college. Hey, it’s the small things in life. Isn’t it our job as parents to educate our children?

Let’s hear it for Taco Bell 101.