We don’t open the windows very often around my house.

I say that tongue-in-cheek, but the truth is some interesting things can often be heard from the boys. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s mind-boggling, and other times…well, I blame Greg.

So at the risk of raising a few eyebrows, I share with you the following actual spoken phrases in my home. I wouldn’t dare share the ENTIRE conversation, after all, you might wonder about us.

Hayden telling us about his friend Angelica at school, and when I asked if she’s his girlfriend, he responded, ‘No way. She always has snot and boogers.’

My oldest son asking me while laughing to ‘give him a wedgie.’ Don’t people usually AVOID those?

Greg telling our youngest that he has outgrown the Ninja Turtle costume he is wearing, and Hayden saying, ‘No I haven’t Daddy. It just goes up my bottom.’ Uhhh…exactly.

Hayden asking me to make cornflake chicken for dinner, then later insisting I scrape the cornflakes off. What’s the point?

And finally, my youngest saying ‘I don’t think so little lady’ when I told him he needed to sit in time alone. Guess who sat there a little longer?

And that’s all folks.