Ever had a set of tubes put in your ears?

Obviously, I’m talking surgically. My oldest son has gone that route, not once, not twice, but THREE times. The darn things seem to work themselves out as he ages. And it looks as though it’s about to happen again.

Every so often Griffin asks me to ‘check and see if they’re still there.‘ So, I do, and nothing spectacular happens. ‘Yep, they’re there,‘ I say and so it goes. No big celebration dance to do, no journal to keep track of our tube-checks, I just reassure him that I can see the little blue things and off he goes. It’s almost routine by now.

Until last night. He got out of the shower, threw on his pj’s, asked me to check his tubes, I did, and then he said, ‘I wish I could see what they look like.’ Call me crazy, but I figured, why can’t he? So we spent the next 10 minutes taking digital closeups of the inside of his ear. Yes, I’m sure SOMETHING was on tv that could have caught my interest, like Dog the Bounty Hunter, but hey, I was entertaining my son.

Just in case you are wondering what a tube that is almost out of an ear looks like, I posted the pic. And now I’m left to wonder if you think I’ve lost my sanity.

Oh, the things we do.