I experienced a rather embarrassing moment last week and Kevin pretty much forced me to share it on the air. So now that hundreds of thousands of people know about it, I figure I may as well as blog about it too.

Dear Mr. UPS Man,

Thanks for not laughing at me. I’m sure you remember who I am. I’m the one who came rushing through your doors, after leaving where I work to mail something and trying to get back for a meeting. You were so nice to greet me with a friendly smile, never mind the fact that I threw my purse on the counter with half of its contents ready to spill out, including the three car chargers for a cell phone because I wasn’t sure which was which, so I grabbed them all.

I won’t actually mail you this letter, it’s just my way of explaining to others that you made a humiliating moment not so bad after all. I remember being asked how you can help me, so I told you I needed to overnight something, and then I said…

‘I need to FedEx it.


Yet, you never even cracked a smile. Instead, you stood directly across from me in your suitcase-brown shirt with a big UPS logo on it, and no I didn’t seem to notice that, and politely said, ‘Uh, ma’am, we can only UPS.’

Of course you can.

Yet, I could hear the clock ticking, and knew I had minutes to get back to work, so I dug a deeper hole and asked, ‘Would you know where a FedEx is?’

And you told me.

I’m sure I was the subject of a laugh or two around your dinner table that night, with my absent-minded ways and all. But, at least you managed to strike a poker face in my presence. And I thank you for that.

Let’s hear it for Mr. UPS man.