Country Music Expo is over, which means I spent two solid days with Jim and Kevin.

A lot can happen when you spend that many hours together. Kevin often says I’m the sister he never had, and I jokingly say he’s the brother I never wanted, but that’s not true. I realize I’m lucky to work with good friends, so here are just a few observations that I made from the weekend.

I owe Kevin about 2 packs of gum. He is always the go-to guy for a breath freshener, and I was a borrowing fool.

Jim and Kevin both were the keepers of my beloved tube of lipgloss. They tucked it away in their pockets so I wouldn’t have to carry a purse. I’m not sure Greg would oblige, but Jim and Kev are down with that.

Jim ran to get a water and grabbed me a Diet to save me a trip. All very nice things, yet there is always a flip side. Such as…

Kevin telling Blake Shelton that I’m a fan, but that my ‘favorites’ list changes by the hour. Thanks, pal.

They were the first to point out when I tripped going up the stairs onstage. You’d think they would be used to it by now. Even Blake Shelton’s manager offered to catch me. Call me Grace.

Kevin, as brothers sometimes do, told Hazel that I was watching what I eat after overdoing the calories on vacation. That led her to later announce to thousands on stage, ‘Deborah thinks she’s heavy.’