It’s almost that time of year again.

Time for our annual Country Music Expo, WFMS’s version of what many still call FanFair in Nashville. Lots of acoustic performances from some of the Who’s Who in country music. Lee Ann Womack, Darius Rucker, Blake Shelton, Mark Chesnutt, Jason Michael Carroll, Heidi Newfield and the list goes on.

We’ve put on this event for years, and we always leave with some fun stories. Here’s a list of our faves that we share with new interns at the station year after year:

Wynonna having her bus take her from the hospitality building to the stage building on a rainy day to preserve her hair. Distance? About 40 feet.

Clint Black asked my co-host, Kevin, for his backstage lanyard around his neck. Who knew the singer collects them?

Garth Brooks was in town for a concert tour, but decided to ‘stop on by’ and say hello. He surprised the crowd by walking out on stage and doing a couple of Q&A. Not that he needed em, but he gained a few new fans that day.

One male artist, better not mention who, asking me to apply his stage makeup. His manager wanted him to wear the stuff, but he was against it. We said we did, but really didn’t.

John Rich sporting a diamond ring bigger than the state of Texas in the letters ‘MM.’ No fur coat though.

Blake Shelton skipping the VIP room and sitting with staff to eat his barbeque in the hospitality room.

Trisha Yearwood saying she made Garth Brooks a ‘washtub full of chicken salad’ when she left him alone to be at the Expo.

Keith Urban, an up-and-comer at the time, looking like he had seen a ghost when he spotted the crowd.

Randy Owen of Alabama jokingly telling our overnight guy that his shirt needed to be ironed.

Kellie Pickler sporting a Peyton Manning #18 jersey for the Colts fans in the crowd.

And Rodney Atkins taping his video for ‘These are My People’ at the Expo, then coming backstage to grab his laptop and proudly show us pictures of his boy, Elijah.

Gotta love that.