I have two boys.

Two completely different personalities. One is sentimental, the other wants to punch and throw down any chance he gets. I was reminded of just how different the two are when I came home from Barnes and Noble with a book for each. My kids may not be the next James Whitcomb Riley, but they need to crack a book from time to time. I told the kids I had a surprise for them, which they responded with by saying, “Is it candy?”

Sorry to disappoint.

I told them to close their eyes and hold out their hands, and laid their books in their tiny fingers. Their reactions? Polar opposites.

Griffin beamed a big smile, said ‘Cool…thanks!, then ran upstairs for what would eventually be two hours of quiet time for momma, I mean, reading.

Hayden frowned, said ‘A book?’, in the same tone that I used when Greg gave me a can opener for my first birthday celebration of our relationship, (yes I married him anyway), then my four-year-old dropped the book on the floor, and exclaimed, “How booooooring.”

Looks like Momma’s getting a refund.