It’s back to work today.

We enjoyed our spring break getaway from life’s routine, yet we could have booked a hotel locally and gotten the same result.

That’s because we spent most of our time in Daytona Beach at the hotel’s hot tub, thanks to a cold front. Add to that severe winds, and we were like four sticks of chalk who showed up in tank tops and left in hoodies. So, Hayden’s first beach experience didn’t exactly leaving him begging to return, but that’s ok. We rented movies in the room and I heard quiet for the first time in, well, ever.

I’ll share more this week, but for now here are the top ten most memorable moments from our trip.

5. Greg screaming from the hotel bathroom that his ‘back was burning!’ Turns out, he had a reaction to the Nair he had applied to his shoulders. (Yes, he reluctantly let me mention it here. Yes, he now knows there are spa treatments for hair removal.)

4. Trying to find a toy that Griff lost at the bottom of the indoor pool and accepting the help of two other kids, only to locate it sitting on top of our lounge chair. Uh, thanks kids.

3. Greg telling me it would be a matter of days before I lose my room key, yet guess WHO locked the four of us out of our room? (Hint: Rhymes with egg.)

2. My oldest son telling his father, who was changing clothes, ‘Dad, why do we have to see your nudity?’

1. Getting sandblasted on the beach and hearing my youngest ask me, ‘Mom, WHY did you bring me here?’

The boys said it all as we pulled away from our hotel and I asked them to tell me their favorite part about vacation. Their response?

‘The room.’