Ever been bombarded by those people in a department store who want you to try the latest and greatest fragrance?

I have.

Even worse, I used to be one of those people back in the summer job days during college. Over break, a magazine I picked up featured ten or so of the trendiest scents and the celebs that claim to wear them now. I guess that means we are supposed to run out and buy them. Though, if it’s a Billy Currington scent, I may ditch my girly stuff and start wearing men’s cologne.

All of the talk about scents and odors reminded me of the time we interviewed Lee Ann Womack. I asked her what’s the most unusual question you’ve been hit with in previous interviews, and she responded with, “You won’t believe this, but I’ve been asked what Willie Nelson smells like?” An odd question, though I’m sure the reason behind it is obvious, and at the time she had recently worked on a project with Willie. Yet, it was her response to the initial question itself that I loved. She fired back…