Every parent asks their children from time to time what they want to be when they grow up.

Mine did.

As a child, I often told my parents that I wanted to be one of those girls who worked with a cash register. I was fascinated with cash registers. I can remember shopping with my mom at Paul Harris and watching the clerk’s every move, and wishing I myself could have a tiny bungee-like cord around my wrist with a key hanging from it. I would often mimic those employees in my bedroom at night. Ok, so maybe I needed a hobby.

I also wanted to change my name to ‘Daisy’ as a young girl. I begged and begged, and mom finally told me it would require going to the courthouse to change it legally. That was fine with me. Not fine with her. And so, Deborah it is.

This week, I asked the boys what they want to be when they are older. A dad? Hayden said, ‘NO WAY! I’m not changing diapers.’ Griffin says he wants to be a racecar driver when he’s older, and Greg says that’s probably because he sees how mommy drives. (Hey, I’ve NEVER received a speeding ticket, it can’t be THAT bad.)

So, after several back and forths over the job topic, Hayden finally came up with one. Something he has a quirky interest in, just like me and cash registers.

‘I wanna be a trash man,’ he said with a proud smile on his face.