Ever messed up at work?

We all have. Innocent, tiny mistakes that make you want to kick yourself when you realize what occured. It happens to us, too.

My co-host, Kevin, reminded me of the time we joined Jo Dee Messina on her bus for an interview, and I noticed his eyes as big as saucers about half-way through. After a complete tour of where Jo Dee sleeps and the movies she watches, I stepped off her bus only to hear Kevin say ‘I don’t think we got that on tape. I looked down and noticed the recorder wasn’t rolling.’


We later fessed up to Jo Dee and she laughed it off. Hey, it happens.

An interview with Reba McEntire backstage at the Indiana State Fair went south as well. It was our first time to talk with Reba in person, and possibly our last. The microphone came unplugged. We’ve also had an occasional bout with dead batteries, but only on very rare occurences.

On the flip side of the coin, things have gone wrong for the artists as well.

Joe Nichols never made it to our annual station event because he was being treated for a spider bite to the face. Ouch.

Clint Black DID make it to that event, but was sick with laryngitis, so he could be seen walking backstage with a sign around his neck that read, ‘Can’t talk. Voice rest.’

Josh Gracin didn’t make it to an interview with our show last month because he overslept. Been there…done that.

And then there was the big mistake. An artist we interviewed by satellite thought the microphones were off after it ended, and said a few choice words that certainly left a lasting impression in our book.

And there you have it.