We’ve all done it…borrowed money from our kids.

Without them knowing, no less. And so it goes when I found myself without any moolah and in desperate need of a Starbucks. I was at work and needed to jumpstart my brain after staying up till 11 the night before with my hand wrist-deep in a gigantic jar of trail mix WHILE DOING SITUPS. Hey, I multi-task.

So, I made my way to the drive-thru of my beloved coffee shop when I realized I was without cash. Sure, I could have used a debit card, but hated to do so for such a small amount when I realized my oldest son keeps his Pacers wallet in my backseat. He never has much, but maybe enough to help mom out.

Should I? What’s a few dollars? I could always pay it back.

I borrowed four ones, (though my co-hosts say to ‘borrow’ would imply that I asked for permission), paid for my joe and called it a day.

A couple of days later, Griffin and I were running an errand when I heard him yell, “MOM! I’ve been ROBBED! I’ve been robbed by a robber!”

Or…his mother.

I certainly had good intentions of repaying the debt, but forgot. Then I had to explain my dilemma and told Griff his mom was extra tired and thanks to him, he saved the day. I figured making him the hero would get me out of this.

Glad I could help out,” Griff said. “But you owe me four dollars.”