Just got in to work, and realized the company is now using a different brand of creamer.

It’s odd how another brand can make your coffee taste completely different. I guess I’m a creature of habit. I can be pretty spontaneous, but I’ve noticed that I also have little quirks or routines. The old creamer was one of them.

Other quirks?

Writing the word ‘TEASE’ on the top of my newscasts, yet we no longer tease the news. Probably haven’t for three years now. But, I still write it.

When running on the treadmill, I won’t let myself look at the timer until a tv show goes to commercial. Otherwise, the time seems to elapse in slow-motion.

Since I was a teen, I’ve applied my lipstick first in the process of putting on my face. Most people I know do eyes then lips, but I’ve always done so in reverse.

Crossword puzzles make me tired before going to bed, but I won’t turn out the light till the one I’m doing is complete.

I make out a grocery list, but never use it at the store. I remember what I wrote down when I walk through the aisles.

Other things aren’t habit for me.

Such as the route I take to work, which changes by the week. Or the place we will stay on Spring break, which by the way is in 5 days and we still haven’t booked a hotel. Or the laundry that I try to avoid tackling, but finally did yesterday. I told my sister to call for backup if I didn’t turn up after a few days.

Some things matter, some things…not so much.