I love my job.

Yet, sometimes we say our best show is what takes place behind the scenes. It’s not just about playing songs. Other things we like to do:

Watch tv. With no audio.

Eat. Kevin brings in string cheese for everyone, and last week we ate producer Roland’s leftover quesadilla’s from dinner the night before.

Gawk. Jim and Kevin check out the female co-workers who enter the building.

Jim fixes his hair after each talk break because the headphones tend to flatten his coiff.

Irritate each other. Kevin taps a pen to the point of agony.

Talk to listeners. Jim says ‘Bye now’ when he hangs up EVERY TIME.

Apply lipgloss. Obviously, this involves me only.

Leave. Jim leaves the studio every 30 minutes when I deliver my newscast. He always returns with coffee for everyone.

I spend two mornings a week…at least…searching the studio for my reading glasses.

All of us tease Jim by pointing at an old photo of him on the wall and laughing a good three times a week. Nice hair, buddy.

I sneak to the thermostat and quickly raise the temp, only to have Kevin say, “Deb, WHAT are you doing?” (The guy is NEVER cold.)

Laugh. We are sometimes doubled over with hysterical giggles over the comments we share when the microphones are off.

Time for some string cheese now…