Well, we did it.

We’ve joined the ranks of others who are technologically savvy, though we are far from it, and we now have a Twitter account.

For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is a social-networking site that sends ‘tweets,’ similiar to cell phone version of texts, that answer the simple question, ‘What are you doing?’ We aren’t sure if we joined out of curiosity, pressure or just plain boredom, but we joined. After all, we’re sure our listeners are biting their nails from anxiety to learn that Kevin is tired from attending the Pacers game last night, or that I am sipping three-hour old icy coffee, and that Jim is making sure his headphones don’t crush his much-adored hair. (A day-ruiner in his book.)

We do plan on sharing much more sought-after information, such as tomorrow’s big Rascal Flatts announcement at 7:20 am on WFMS, and today’s US magazine cover that claims Leann Rimes has been busted for cheating. We posted her response to the rumors on Twitter. Oops…I mean, we tweeted her response. Or is that even a word? You get the idea.

Twitter, tweets, texts, blogs, emails…We’re hip now.

Join us at twitter.com/JimDebKevin