The Science Fair.

Ever do a project for the fair when you were younger?

I can remember my dad helping me wire a lamp for my project, and thinking he was very talented and smart. By the end of the project, I had lost interest and dad was kind enough to do the last-minute touches.

History has a way of repeating itself. My oldest volunteered to do a project for his school’s science fair, and together we chose to find the answer to a very pressing question…

What is the most popular color in a bag of Skittles?

We had fun counting, and eating, the colors and I helped Griff with the artwork on his display board. Then came the big day. Griff was called out of class to stand beside his board and proudly demonstrate his work. He told me last night that he was nervous as the judge made his rounds and spoke with each participant. I loved what he said next…

Mom, I felt this thing run from my forehead down my cheek, I mean, I was REALLY nervous.”

He was nervous. I was proud. (By the way, the orange Skittles took the cake.)