It’s one of those days.

More things to do than there is time in the day.

I usually like being busy, but not this busy. Greg pushed me out of bed today, right about the time I considered pulling the covers back over my head. I got to work ok, but left a trail of things behind at home. A towel on the bathroom floor where I ironed my blouse, (ironing board is too noisy and wakes up the kids), perfume bottle on the washer, (Greg says the scent wakes HIM up, so I spray it downstairs), and I put my shoes on in my car, just before backing down the driveway. Not the worst of mornings.

Just turned on my cell phone, only to have it tell me “battery needs recharged,” yet I forgot my charger.

I finally caved and decided a trip to the vending machine would make things better, not the actual walking to the breakroom, but the bag of M&M’s I would wrestle out of the machine that inevitably gets stuck. I told myself I’d eat just half of the bag, but that lasted about two minutes and I consumed the entire thing.

In the meantime, my oldest son is proudly wearing his new big-boy deodorant today, (Greg bought him OLD SPICE???), and my youngest told me last night that his pj pants keep getting stuck in his ‘bosom.’ He obviously doesn’t know what that means.

Happy Wednesday.