Taylor Swift.

Quite the rising star, at the age of 19. If you haven’t heard, Taylor’s concert at Madison Square Garden sold out in mere minutes.

Not bad, huh?

Taylor is the whole package. Talented, writes her own stuff, has a good head on her shoulders, and makes good decisions, including registering to vote the day she turned 18. Vince Gill calls Taylor refreshing, and says she reminds him of his own children, because when talking to Taylor, everything is “awesome.”

The morning show will never forget the first time we met Taylor a few years ago in Nashville.

A young teenager at the time, she was wearing a black dress and cowboy boots as she towered over us. We were awestruck by her height and endless blonde ringlets. She couldn’t have been nicer. We’d never heard of Taylor Swift at the time and certainly didn’t guess that she would be around years later, after all, not everyone makes it in this business.

But, not everyone writes heartfelt, relatable songs in a matter of minutes, or sends handwritten notes after an interview.

Congrats, Taylor.

P.S. I found a box of the same thank-you notes Taylor sent the morning show in the stationary aisle at Target. Gotta love that…