Ever eaten at Buca di Beppo?

The bathrooms make for an interesting conversation with your little ones.

Anyone knows that children become fixated on “potty” talk. Words that parents don’t particularly care for, yet kids have some need, just like I need a doughnut, to say them.

We dined at Buca last night, and just like any other visit to a restaurant, Hayden needed to go potty. More than once. I escorted him to the women’s room, something he protested, yet I couldn’t exactly walk in to the men’s. Hayden first complained about the pink-colored stalls, then stepped inside to take care of business, while asking me to “turn around and don’t look.”

He then locked me out.

Once he emerged, Hayden seemed to be moving as fast as my Grandma drives during the never-ending hand-washing process. I then realized what had caught my four-year-old’s attention…

The nude black-and-white photos of women that were plastered on the wall. Hayden couldn’t believe his eyes, pointed to a photo and said…

That lady has a big bottom!”