What would we do without technology?

Without cell phones, texting, multiple e-mail accounts, and Myspace or Facebook?

Probably get a lot more done if you ask me. I’m just as guilty, but it sure is tempting to leave these things at home when we pack for spring break later this month. There’s something about being so accessible that tends to drive me crazy. Makes me, even if only temporarily, long for the days of snail-mail and actual telephone calls that could only be placed from home or a payphone. It’d be nice to shut it all down for at least a week, after that I might go crazy.

Randy Travis and Randy Owen just may be two of the toughest people in the business to reach. Neither feel pressured to check e-mail on a daily basis for the simple reason that they don’t have a computer. No laptop. And furthermore, no cell phones, no Blackberrys, no texting, and no one asking ‘Will you be my friend’ on Facebook. They don’t have these things because they say they’re fine just the way they are. Both told us during separate visits to the studio that they’ve lived this long without ’em, so why bother. Guess they have a point.

Randy Travis went so far to tell us that he isn’t a fan of phone calls in general, and doesn’t answer his home phone when it rings. Unless, of course, it’s his wife. And how does he know it’s her calling? The phone has a special ring which lets him know that wifey expects him to pick up.

Gotta love it.

On the flip side, Trace Adkins had his cell phone in his pocket during an interview, and answered it during our chat. He says if it’s his wife or kids, he answers every time. A rule he has and tries his darndest not to break. I didn’t mind, it gave me more time to hear his low voice.

So, maybe I will leave the cell phone at home later this month. Or maybe I’ll shut it off for a day or two beforehand to see how long I can go without hearing my Faith Hill ringtone.