I am often told I “sound” like a redhead when I talk to someone who listens to WFMS. Not sure what that means, really.

I have had the same preconceived notions about many of the artists we meet. Some things that we discover may surprise you…

Keith Urban was barefoot when we interviewed him backstage at the State Fair. Not only barefoot, but his toenails were painted black.

Montgomery Gentry had an inflatable pool set up for a quick dip behind the parked buses at Verizon Wireless Music Center.

Taylor Swift writes personal thank-you notes after every interview.

Shania Twain is even SMALLER in person, and wore no makeup when we chatted before her concert.

Trace Adkins isn’t shy, and lifted up his shirt to show us a scar on his belly.

Faith Hill has a great sense of humor, and is way taller than we expected.

Kenny Chesney wears glasses and ate Subway when he stopped by for a visit.

Toby Keith wore his sunglasses for the first part of our interview, then removed them.

Kellie Pickler told us during a visit that she cut her hair short so she wouldn’t look like everyone else in the business.

Carrie Underwood had two phones in her purse, one for personal use and the other she gives out to furniture movers or repairmen.

Just some things we learn along the way.