Static Guard doesn’t smell good. Yet, the alternative is clothes that cling.

People don’t talk to their neighbors in the Winter.

Kids won’t sleep in on weekends, but won’t get up for school.

You can’t call a voice-activated answering service with young kids shouting in the background.

I always realize I’m out of hair conditioner IN THE SHOWER.

Kids always have to “go really bad” AFTER you’ve dressed them to play in the snow.

You‘ becomes the word you use when you can’t remember someone’s name. “Hey, how are you?” Their response, “Good, and you?”

JUST‘ is often a child’s favorite word. For example, “Just five more minutes?” or “Just one more cookie?”

The day that I make pancakes and bacon for breakfast, my four-year-old will ask for a Pop-Tart.

Just a few of the things I’ve noticed.