I am often asked a question that is tough to answer.

People want to know who has been our best interview on the radio. The person we’ve enjoyed talking to the most. As simple as it appears, it is actually a difficult question.

I can think of many favorites. Usually because of some little gem that we walked away with after chatting. That defining moment where we learned something new, or the artist surprised us by letting down their guard.

Like Kenny Chesney, who told us that best buddy Peyton Manning took wife Ashley to McDonalds on their first date, and he thinks Sugarland will one day beat him out for Entertainer of the Year.

Or Alan Jackson, who told us he goes to the grocery store about once a year.

Or Carrie Underwood, who admitted to getting a tattoo, (won’t tell us where it is,) but did say her daddy didn’t speak to her for three months.

Or Trace Adkins, who said his 4-year-old grabbed his leg when it was time for him to leave Nashville for a visit at WFMS, and said, “take me with you.” Trace said it broke his heart.

Or Jessica Simpson, who really seems to be misperceived. She was sincere and down-to-earth, and struggles with people thinking she only wants to be famous. Prior to the interview, she laid on the floor with her dog, and there was no entourage.

Or Wynonna, who told us she will often stop and chat with fans while shopping at Target, and sign autographs. Wynonna shops at Target!

Just a few who made an impression.