Whether I’m traveling to Disney or Tennessee, I always observe several useless facts while visiting these destinations. Here’s my list of observations from last week’s trip to see the world’s most-popular mouse:

My 4-year-old insisting he was too old for a stroller, while sucking his thumb and carrying a blankie.

My oldest hates graham crackers, yet he loved those graham-like Biscotti crackers served on the plane.

Despite my protests, all 3 of us fit into the lavatory, though not comfortably.

The cap of a pen really can unlock a hotel’s bathroom door, which my 4-year-old locked and shut WHILE BATHWATER WAS RUNNING.

Even as an adult, I still have fears that the monorail doors will shut before my entire family is on board.

It is impossible to apply sunscreen to two energetic boys as they are walking.

Someone in the group will always want to do something different than everyone else. You can count on it.

My youngest will play with Army men at home, but you won’t get him to pose for a picture with the lifesize Toy Story characters. It just won’t happen.

I hate my alarm waking me up at 3:00 am, but I’m ok with a wake-up call from Mickey.

Finally, the emotion I felt while watching my youngest stand in front of the height chart and being tall enough to ride the bigboy rides. Another first.

It’s the little things.