Walt Disney World.

It’s the happiest place on Earth.

There’s something magical about seeing a mouse with big ears and a bowtie, or standing with your family while fireworks color the sky above the most-recognized castle among kids.

The morning show is here in Disney this week, broadcasting live from the various parks. Of course, I couldn’t come to Disney without my family. That’d be like bread without butter, or salt without pepper.

Yesterday, Greg and I took the boys to our favorite park, the Magic Kingdom. We had only been inside the gate three minutes when it hit me…

Hayden was growing up.

We last visited in June, when Hayden was three. Now, at four, he didn’t want a stroller. Of course, he is long past the stroller days, yet I was thinking his little legs would turn wobbly by lunch. My oldest was ok with lounging in a stroller at four, and maybe even five. But, not Hayden. I even tried a little pleading, knowing full-well I may be carrying the little guy by lunch.

He wouldn’t budge.

Of course, I want him to be a big boy, independent and mature. And we definitely didn’t mind saving the money we would have spent on the rental. Yet, it was our first time not needing a stroller for one of my kids. Which means…

…they’re getting older.

P.S. He made it to the castle before asking his Dad to pick him up.