Here we go, again.

Another Nintendo DS is lost in our home.

You may recall when Griffin lost his DS just before Christmas, and we did everything short of calling the Police to find it. I later discovered the trance-enducing gadget sandwiched between two couch cushions.

Hayden announced last night that his DS is on the lam. In other words, he laid it down where he last played it, and can’t recall just where that was. So, we went on another massive hunt, looking through toyboxes and under beds, in bedsheets, and the kitchen junkdrawer, which I can no longer shut.

Still nothing.

How does this happen? When did it become my responsibility to keep track of these things? How many more hours will we spend discovering that we aren’t as tidy as we thought we were?

I searched last night, and again, this morning at 4 am before leaving for work, then gave up.

When I find it, I just might be tempted to start renting it out. On the flip side, I DID find that pair of scissors I’ve been looking for. I always keep them in the kitchen, yet they were in the bathroom closet. Why?

I can’t answer that.