I believe I have a new pet peeve.

I realized this while reading an article today in my Entrepreneur magazine during the first few minutes of free time I’ve had in awhile. It helped that the weather was warmer than usual, and the boys had gone to a neighbor’s house to play instead of yell my name eighteen times in a row to get my attention.

The article wasn’t one that I couldn’t put down, but interested me enough to want to keep reading. Hey, it was better than folding laundry. At the end of the page, I was directed in small print to continue reading. It said, “Continued on page 131.” I checked the page I was on. Page 128. And oddly enough, this was the back page of the publication.


Where was page 131? How was I supposed to know how the article ended? It’s not as if someone had ripped them out, like the tattered magazines at the doctor’s office. This was a magazine that I subscribed to and is mailed to my home.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not THAT big of a deal. But, I was hoping for more of a finish. Needed a little closure. It’d be like going to a show and leaving at intermission. Or french fries without ketchup. Getting dressed for prom, then staying home.

I got nothin’.