Nothing worse than when your kids don’t feel good.

Hayden is four, and announced yesterday that his ear hurt. After a few tugs on it, and more cries of pain, we headed to the doctor.

On the way there, I asked Hayden about his day, what he made in art class at school, etc, and I got no response. He eventually said, “Mom, I don’t wanna talk.” Hayden NEVER says that, which meant the boy was truly sick.

Once the doctor began his exam, Hayden instantly turned on his charm and decided this was his chance in the spotlight. Here’s how the conversation went:

H: What’s your name?

Dr: Bill

H: Do you have a Mom?

Dr: Yes, I do have a Mom.

H: What’s her name?

Dr: Well, her name is Irene. She lives in Ohio.

H: Well, my Mom’s name is Deb. But, I call her Momma.

Dr: I see…

H: And my Dad’s name is Greg, but I call him Dada.

Dr: Really? Let me see in your ear.

H: Oh, brother. I’ve had this done before. Hey, did you see my Mom’s purse? She has a lot of stuff in there.

Dr: (Laughing) I see that.

H: Hey, Bill, I’ve been coughing a lot, too. Did you know that? I have. And you know what else? I’m four. Four years old. That’s this many. (Holding up four fingers.)

Dr: Wow! I don’t think I have enough fingers to hold up to tell you how old I am!

H: Yes you do! My Mom’s 36, aren’t you Mom? That’s a lot.

Dr: Oh, I’m still older.

H: Hey, Bill, do you have suckers?

Dr: No, buddy, I don’t…but I have stickers. I’ll give you one just as soon as we are done. Ok?

H: No, thanks. I don’t really like stickers. I don’t like the stamps they give us at soccer class either. So, I don’t hold out my hand.

Dr: I see. Hayden, I’m going to give you some medicine to take and make your ear better, ok?

H: (Throwing his hands in the air) Oh, brother. Can it be orange? I like orange.

Dr: Well, this one tastes more like strawberry.

H: Awwww, darn it. Ok, Mr. Bill. I like strawberry, too. And I don’t even need a drink with my medicine, like my brother.

You get the idea. And that was just the first TEN minutes. He didn’t miss a beat.

I was worn out by the time we left. As we walked out the door, Dr. Bill laughed and told us Hayden is destined for acting. I agreed. The boy’s a talker.

I suppose he gets it honest.