Funny how becoming a parent turns you into a part-time nutritionist. Just without the credentials.

When having kids, our pediatrician told me, “Be sure to give your kids veggies early-on, and they will eat them when they’re older.” That advice holds true today.

Hayden loves broccoli.

Griffin loves cooked carrots.

Both love green beans, peas, and corn. Hate to admit it, but I can’t stand some of those.

To this day, I still bargain with the boys. “How about a side of fruit, instead of fries, if you’re getting dessert?” Or “Get the grilled chicken…not the corn dog.” I drop subtle hints. You know, little things, such as, “Any more candy, and your teeth will fall out.” Or, “You’ve had enough junk for the day, pick a healthy snack.” It’s made an impression.

As we left last Saturday morning for a friend’s birthday party, Greg and I planned to take the boys for doughnuts first. Surprisingly, Griffin didn’t want ’em. The boy who can put away chocolate doughnuts faster than my shower loses hot water didn’t want them. He told us we would be having birthday cake at the party, and “that sure is a lot of sugar.” The kid had a point, and I was certainly proud of his good judgement, however…

Momma really wanted a doughnut.