Sometimes we get so busy in life that the days seem to fade into each other.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have moments here and there where I wonder about people who, for some reason or other, I’ve lost touch. We go all down our own path in life and grow apart, yet, some still cross my mind…

Like Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, who used to live across the street from where I grew up. I always enjoyed going to their home to trick-or-treat, but lost touch with them after I went to college and my parents moved away.

Or my old penpal from Alabama, Alonna Whitlock. We met on vacation and stayed in touch through snail-mail for many years. That is, until we graduated high school and didn’t take the time to write.

Or George, my former employer at the dry-cleaners where I worked one summer during college. He taught me a lot about hard work. Possibly the toughest job I’ve ever had, pressing men’s jackets in a steamy room. George was strict, yet honest.

Or Mrs. Records, my 4th grade teacher in elementary school. I was mesmerized with her big hoop earrings she wore, and always admired her sense of fashion. Mrs. Records was hip to a little 4th grader like me.

Or my nurse, ‘Michelle,’ who was in the delivery room with Greg and I when our first child was born. She was awesome, and put me at ease. It’s odd to have her on our home video, only to never see her again.

And finally, the foster child I used to visit four years ago. I was assigned his case as a volunteer for a local organization, and he was eight. No family visited him. His smile could light up the room, and after a year, he was eventually sent out of state. Yet, I wonder how he’s doing.

Everyone has met someone in life who makes an impact on them. Old or young, there are people we meet who leave some sort of lasting impression, or life lesson to be used later down the road.

What about you?