It was a stressful weekend at our home.

Lots of time-outs, due to lots of arguments between the boys. Full moon, anyone? After weekends like these, it’s easy to question yourself and wonder if you’re doing the right thing as a parent.

We certainly try.

When things get hectic, I remind myself of the little things that make the kids who they are, those small observations about my two pint-sized men.

I wrote this for them…

Spidery lashes and eyebrows that feather

Your moods seem to change as quick as the weather

Half-eaten apples and band-aids on knees

Constant reminders to always say please

Secret handshakes and milk-mustached grins

Toast with grape jelly that drips down your chins

Fake-shaving like Daddy, and snuggling in bed

Wearing the Steak N Shake hats on your head

Rock, paper, scissors and guttural laughs

Tall shampoo-mohawks during your baths

Sweatbands on wrists, and NFL on tv

And it looks like you both are resembling me

You’re brothers, you’re friends, a bundle of noise

My never-tiresome two feisty boys.