Haven’t we all wished we could walk away from our responsibilities, just for a day?

Maybe stay in bed and watch cheezy tv shows in our pj’s, eating an ice cream sundae for lunch? Maybe trade places with somebody else?

Sure we have.

I remember thinking as a child that I couldn’t WAIT to be an adult, who doesn’t have homework and teachers to please. Then I became an adult. Oops…sort of forgot that adults have bills to pay and chores to do.

There have been times when I’ve felt overwhelmed with work, family duties, school volunteering, etc, that I’ve actually envied my grandmother, who is retired. But, that’s no way to live life.

Truth be told, I’m sure she longs for the days when she was still raising her kids, because the days get long and lonely. What’s all this mean?

The grass is always greener on the other side.

People with straight hair wish it was curly, and those with curly locks break out the flatiron.

Those who are pale want to be tan.

The height-challenged would like to be taller.

Flat-chested women get, ahem, enhancements, and the entire Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading squad look nothing like they did when they first auditioned.

I can remember as a child complaining about my big feet to my mother. She would calmly smile and say, “But you’re tall, and if they were petite, your feet wouldn’t hold you up.”

In other words, she didn’t deny my cave-like boats, but told me to focus on my better qualities. So, take note of what’s around you. The good times might pass you by.

Maybe you’re living the good life and don’t even know it.