Awkward moments.

Those times in our day when you don’t know what to do, or what to say. We all have them.

Like the moment when your child’s friend asks you to “assist” with the toilet paper in the bathroom, and yes I’m talking in code.

Or when you are asked to wear a paper gown in the doctor’s office, and you feel silly swinging your feet back and forth while wondering if your doctor took a lunch break.

Or when you think an acquaintance may be pregnant, but you’re not quite sure. You don’t want to ask, but you don’t want to appear uninterested.

When the person in front of you at the grocery checkout realizes they “forgot” something, so you have to wait for them to run and get it. They apologize, and you say “no problem,” because you really care that they got that jar of mayo.

When you’re trying on clothes in a dressing room, and other shoppers you’ve never met can see your legs from the calf down. Yet they don’t even know your name.

When you order in a drive-thru, but can’t find your money as you approach the window.

When you have to ask what a particular food item is at a pitch-in because you don’t recognize it.

And finally, when you leave the house to do a quick errand with no makeup, hoping you won’t run into anyone you know. And you see your ex.

Gotta love it.