The search is over.

The missing Nintendo DS is no longer a mystery, I found it.

You would have thought we won the Superbowl by the celebration that followed. I mean, it has been missing for 6 whole weeks. How did Griffin ever survive?

That’s like me going one day without Starbucks coffee. Greg going a week without a bubble bath. Or Hayden going three days without grumbling and then stomping off when I tell him he can’t wear shorts to go to the grocery.

So, last night I was watching the boys play in the basement, racking my brain as to where the DS might be. We last saw it in the basement. It HAD TO BE THERE SOMEWHERE.

Even though we’ve removed the cushions from the couch a good seven times, we never found the missing game. Yet, we DID find a squirt gun, two gum wrappers, and a piece to a puzzle that we tossed because, well, because it had a missing piece.

I stood up last night and decided I needed to look one more time. I removed the cushions, then slid my hand down between where the seat meets the back of the couch. And there it was.

I did a little happy dance that went unnoticed to the boys. The feeling of finding something that’s been missing for so long could be compared to winning the mini-marathon. Well, almost, but without the sore muscles and months of training. Ok, not at all. Point is, I was excited.

Later, Griffin mimicked my happy dance when he learned the DS was no longer in hiding. He pumped his fists in the air, and screamed, “Yessssssssssssssss!” Hey, it’s the little things.

Yet, within twenty minutes, the boys were fighting over the beloved little game, and all of the previous squabbles they’ve had came rushing back.

Turns out, a lost Nintendo DS wasn’t that bad after all.