In case you missed it this morning, I shared this story on the air.

I’m the “trash collector” when my family is in the car. Doesn’t matter where we are going, could be to and from dinner, to the grocery, or driving home from basketball practice, there is always SOMETHING the kids need to throw away from the backseat. And lucky dog, they hand it to me.

Greg is driving, so he’s never handed an empty juice box, gum wrapper, used napkin, or 3-day old chicken nugget that was found near a seatbelt.

You get the idea.

It happens so often that I’ve resorted to reaching my arm toward the boys without turning around. Last night, as Greg drove the family home in the dark, 3-year-old Hayden says, “Here, Mom. Take it.”

Instinctively, I grabbed for “it” without looking. As I felt his hand in mine, I curiously asked, “Whatcha got?”

Long pause.

A BOOGER,” he said with a grin.

That’s what I get for not looking.