One thing I detest doing is laundry.

I know, it’s kind of a necessity. I’m good with sorting my laundry, and I’m good with getting my darks downstairs and into the washer. But, that’s where things start to go downhill.

I’ve been known to let my load of clothes sit in the washer, only to never have the pleasure of making it to that next level…

The dryer.

I’m not lazy. I just…forget. I wouldn’t have trouble remembering if it was an enjoyable task. Say, for instance, if it involved tortilla chips.

So, usually, I have to REWASH my laundry, because it has dried by the time I get to it, or by the time Greg has teased me relentlessly that I’m only doing it to keep him quiet. By the way, it’s usually the latter.

Last night, after pulling my freshly cleaned clothes out of the dryer, I took them upstairs. That’s another dilemma. PUTTING THEM AWAY. Hey, we all have flaws.

Griffin asked if he could help put my clothes away, and I welcomed the extra hand. Thinking it would be fun to make a game out of it, I told him socks go in my second drawer, and underwear in the third. Except, we didn’t get very far.

His response?

I am NOT touching PANTIES!!!

I spent the next five minutes trying to figure out where he’s heard that one.