It’s interesting to me how you can raise your children the same, yet they couldn’t be more different.

That’s certainly true for Griffin and Hayden. Of course, I’m one of three girls, and the same goes for my sisters and I. We’re very close, but also very different in many aspects.

Still, I am amazed at how my two boys form their likes and dislikes while living under the same roof. For example…

Griffin loves Mac N’ Cheese, Hayden doesn’t.

Hayden wants the skin on his apple slices cut off, Griffin says keep his on.

Hayden will dip anything he can find in ketchup, including those apple slices, yet Griffin is anti-condiment. No ketchup, no salad dressing, no cheese dip for his breadsticks.

Griffin can’t stand orange juice, Hayden would like an I-V of it.

Hayden will not touch rice, and Griffin would be happy if I only served that for dinner.

Griff loves football, Hayden wears his baseball uniform around the house.

Griffin refuses to admit when he’s tired, Hayden will admit it in a heartbeat, and even ask to go to bed.

Griff enjoys his Pop-Tart toasted, Hayden wants his right out of the box.

Hayden loves his back tickled at bedtime, Griff wants to hear a story.

Griffin is sentimental, Hayden? Not so much.

Yet, they’re brothers, and best friends.

Different, yes, but loved the same.