Life is never dull.

Take, for example, my trip to the bank. I was in a hurry, and making a trip through the drive-thru. Here’s the rundown…

I pulled up, and quickly hit my automatic power window. I then reached for my license and deposit, then turned to grab the bank tube that looks like a time capsule or the Magic Bullet blender seen in infomercials on the driver’s side door. Big mistake.

My nose bounced off the glass. The window had failed to go down, and I had failed to notice.

I glanced around to see who caught my mishap, the same way I look to see who spotted me knocking over ten boxes of Ritz crackers in aisle 10 at the grocery.

Next, I put my deposit in the tube and place it back in its holder. I press the SEND button, and soon hear a suction of air as it starts to move upward.

Which is when I felt a tugging sensation at my neck. Turns out, some fringe from my scarf had gotten shut inside the tube. Hey, a common occurence. I frantically yank my scarf back, and had to laugh out loud, though I nearly suffered a minor choking hazard.

And, of course, I look around to see who is watching.

A quick thank-you from the teller, and I was on my way. I put my car in gear and slowly pull forward…

…Only to drive over the curb. This time I don’t even bother to see who’s watching. Does it even matter?

The surveillance video would be quite entertaining. The sad thing is, stuff like this happens to me all the time.

All in a day’s work.