Memory Lane.

We all take a trip down that famous path from time to time. Here are some of the ones I think of fondly.

The Paramount Pizza Palace. The sound of the organ when I walked through the door as a child was enough to form a grin from ear to ear. Forget Chuck E Cheese’s, this place was more fun than a robotic mouse on a stage. I was scared of him anyway.

My Cabbage Patch doll. I loved the smell of baby-powder in her yarn-like hair and the autograph on the doll’s backside.

Ground Round Restaurant. Mom and Dad would take my sisters and I to this place, and it was the one restaurant I could be messy. I loved cracking open the peanut shells and throwing them on the floor.

Sun-catchers. We made them for our kitchen window. Baking them in the oven was fun and Mom would display our artwork.

Mr. Steak in Anderson. I lived for their brown rice, and loved the trivia we could play on the big screen. Good family fun.

Dad’s wood-paneled station wagon. Forget calling shotgun, I loved the rear-facing backseat. As kids, we would wave at the car behind us, annoying many drivers.

Hostess Ding-Dongs wrapped in foil. Third drawer in the kitchen, that’s where Mom kept ’em. I would break them open and eat the filling first.

Finally, the Lazarus restaurant in Castleton. Mom and I would always request a balcony seat so we could people-watch the shoppers down below. It’s where my love for chicken salad was born.

And so many more.