Tis’ the season.

With Christmas approaching, we sometimes tell the boys that we will call Santa when their behavior is less than stellar. Just the mention of it is usually enough to put an end to the problem.

And did I mention we’ve used the Santa threat since August? Hey, milk it for all it’s worth.

Hayden recently threw a tantrum over not getting his way. The boy was determined, and I was trying to hold my ground. I told him I was disappointed, and Santa probably was, too. I took it one step further, and hit the “page” button on our cordless phone so it would beep.

Look, Hayden, Santa is calling. He’s probably going to tell me that he sees you throwing a fit.”

Hayden stopped crying for a moment, then suddenly blurted out…

Well, tell him to call back later!”

Not exactly what I was hoping for.