Over the weekend, Hayden woke up and announced that he was hungry.

No surprise there. The boy, almost four, wakes up hungry every morning. It’s the first thing he talks about. “I wanna eat. Let’s go downstairs and have breakfast.”

Yesterday morning, Hayden woke up, rubbed his eyes, and said, “I want chicken.”

For breakfast?

We got up, and before I could get things started, Hayden came to me and said, “I’m making popcorn.” WHAT?

My impatient child had discovered a box of popcorn in the pantry. A box that had three packets inside.

I assumed he was kidding, but heard the microwave running as I turned the corner. How in the world did he get it to work? And I had to laugh at the sight of it.

The ENTIRE box, unopened, was turning in circles inside the microwave. It was hot when I removed it.

Determined little fella. Luckily, he settled for eggs and bacon.