As we age, we learn more about ourselves.

Some of the things we learn are good, some are silly. Here is a list of both, as I’ve come to realize it’s what makes me ME.

I make “To-Do” lists and put them in my purse, only to never look at them again.

I drink my coffee at work out of a styrofoam cup with the stir still in it.

I often paint my nails in the car when Greg is driving.

I use envelopes from junk mail for bookmarks.

I often don’t wear a winter coat because I get too warm in my car.

I memorize phone numbers. I know my old home number growing up, a friend’s from elementary school, and my cell number from 10 years ago.

I like to give exact change. If its $10.32, I give the 32 cents from my wallet.

I will read the last page of my People Magazine FIRST. Every time.

And finally, I say the phrase “Long story short” a lot as I’m telling a story to a friend, but trying to keep it brief. Which it NEVER is.

And that’s me in a nutshell.