The morning show is in Nashville, Tennessee for the CMA Awards.

Which means we are staying in a hotel. I’m weird about hotels. Not to the point that I can’t function. I just get uneasy about the lack of cleanliness.

It doesn’t help that our producer, Roland, told me as we were checking in that he recently watched a documentary on how hotels clean, or DON’T clean, the drinking glasses in the room.

He said maids were seen on a hidden camera washing the glasses in the sink and using the dirty towels on the bathroom floor to dry them.

Note to self: Bring plastic cups.

I never use the comforters on the bed…who knows when those have been cleaned last…and I’m not fond of walking barefoot on the carpet floors.

Note to self: Bring socks…lots of socks.

Roland has a weird routine as well. He doesn’t leave his hotel room without leaving his television on to make others think someone is in there. As he heads out the door, he also yells loudly, “Ok, we’ll be back in just a bit,” to some make-believe friend in the room. He’s hoping it will deter others from trying to break in.

And they say I’M weird.