I voted yesterday.

Expecting long lines, and hoping to kill time, I stopped by a bookstore on the way to pick up something to read. Got my book, got my Starbucks, had my ID, and I headed to the polls.

In line, I cracked open my new book and began reading. But, I didn’t make it past the third paragraph. Behind me in line, I heard a voice say, “You like Starbucks, too?”

I turned around and stood face-to-face with a woman who reminded me of my grandmother. Next to her was her husband, a frail man who had his arm draped around her shoulders.

I found this couple more interesting than reading my book, as they seemed to represent a slice of life that we all hope to become. Over the next 55 minutes, I took in as much as I could about this couple. As we exchanged stories, it dawned on me that we would soon part ways, never to speak again. This letter is to them…

To the couple behind me in line,

You made my day yesterday. Talking with you was refreshing, like when you said you moved to the neighborhood to be around families, because getting trick-or-treaters at your door is “what life is all about.”

Or when you said you both considered voting early, but instead chose to vote on Election Day itself. You said there is something historical about voting the actual day. And so you were willing to wait.

You said you had been married 41 years. I could see in your eyes how much you admired each other as you finished each other’s sentences.

I loved that you buy candy bars and popcorn from every child that comes selling it at your door, because “it’s the right thing to do.” You explained that others bought from your kids, and now it’s your turn.

Leaving the polls, I felt good about that 55 minutes. I voted. And I was reminded there are some good people right under our noses.

See you at Starbucks.