I sure do miss the old days, Mom.”

Those were the words of my 7-year-old last night on the way home from dinner. Griffin sighed when he said it. I sometimes feel like I’m talking to an adult when he’s around. We had stopped at a gas station, and my husband was putting fuel in the car.

I asked him what he meant.

“Well,” he explained, “Dad used to ask me to climb in his lap and help him pull the car into the garage. But, he doesn’t ask anymore.”

He doesn’t ask anymore because Griffin is no longer a toddler. He’s grown rather tall and it’s hard for him to fit like he used to.

Yet, tonight, our long-legged second-grader climbed onto his Daddy’s lap, (knocked over a drink in the process…but, no big deal), and guided the car into place in our garage.

Let’s hear it for the good ol’ days.