Ever been with a friend when you’re paying and they ask to look at your driver’s license?

I’m never thrilled at that request, only because I have NEVER taken a picture that I like for my legal piece of ID. Hey, bigger things in life to worry about. I don’t lose sleep over not having a glamourous photo.

What happened today was something similar. Jim, my co-host, saw my Sam’s Club membership in my wallet and looked at the picture on the back. It was taken a good 8 years ago and is the size of a thumbnail. After a quick glance, I wasn’t ready for what he said next.

“You look a little chunkier.”

You read that right. C-H-U-N-K-I-E-R. As in, bigger. A few pounds heavier. What man says that? Of course, we are friends, but hey, no free passes. I chastised him and Jim still said…

“You yourself said you gained twenty pounds at college….when was that taken?”

Men. Will will they learn?